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Easy Veggie Meal Plans Review

Adding a review of Easy Veggie Meal Plans to your webpage is a great way to pre-sell customers on Easy Veggie Meal Plans. An honest review of the product explains the positives and negatives (hey, nothing is perfect!) of the program and doesn't come across as being overly hyped.

If you don't have time to write your own review, feel free to use the review below. You can also edit the review to customize it for your audience, always being truthful and pointing out it requires committment and an honest effort in the gym to get results - however, of course, it is often much less time than most people are doing now.

All you need to do is copy and paste. You may of course, replace all links with your affiliate hoplink. I recommend including the website link at the top and bottom of the article. It's also a great idea to include a clickable book cover as well with every article you print.

If you run an AdWords or other pay-per-click campaigns for Easy Veggie Meal Plans, you might want to link your ad to the book review, to help presell customers on the program.

If you have any other questions please let me know.


Kardena Pauza,
Author, Easy Veggie Meal Plans for Fat Loss

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Review of Easy Veggie Meal Plans:

"You won't get enough protein on a vegetarian diet", or so they say.  Well, I tested that theory out first hand.  You see, I am a weight training enthusiast and for the longest time I subscribed to the pro-meat eating ideology.  In fact, my friends often made fun of me for all my protein shakes and chicken breasts that I would regularly consume like clockwork.

Well that all changed when one day I took a bite out of a raw hamburger and became so violently ill that once I finally managed to recover I was so turned off by meat that I began searching for a healthy vegetarian diet solution.

The problem, however, was in finding vegetarian meals that met my stringent criteria; healthy, protein-filled, easy to prepare, and most importantly tasty.

I'm not sure what your experience has been with vegetarians, but I've come across many in my time and a large number of them don't have the body type that I would categorize as fit.

So, when I finally came across Kardena Pauza's Easy Veggie Meal Plans, my interest was definitely peaked.  Everything that I was looking for in a vegetarian diet she had put together in a 90 day program.  I had to try it.

I would be lying, however, if I didn't admit that I was a little nervous about having a shortage of protein in my diet.  After all, protein is the staple of any weight trainer's diet, right? 

But, I was totally shocked.  After 30 days on Easy Veggie Meal Plans I noticed that I had so much more energy, making my workouts that much more effective.  But, perhaps the most valuable lesson I learned was just how much protein you actually need in your diet.  I read Pauza's theory regarding protein consumption and then I went out and proved it.

So, I discovered that I didn't need as much protein in my diet and I was feeling more alert and vibrant, but what about meal preparation? Because if the meals outlined in the Easy Veggie Meal Plans were going to take forever to prepare, then they just weren't going to fit in with my lifestyle. 

Well, to my surprise, a majority of the meals I could easily make in about ten to fifteen minutes. As busy as I am, I've got 15 minutes to put together a meal, and these aren't just your regular "fast food" meals.  They are deliciously protein-packed, nutrient-rich meals.  I was on to something here.

Another Thing I Liked:

It's not uncommon when switching over to a vegetarian diet to run into people who are misinformed about this type of lifestyle.  So, scepticism and veggie diet bashing are fairly prevalent, but as a bonus Pauza includes a "Defend Your Diet" coaching call where she explains how to fend off the veggie haters of the world.  This was the perfect compliment to the program because now I could confidently and informatively educate my friends and family.  Who knows, maybe even convert them!

So there you have it.  If you're looking for a deliciously healthy, protein-filled, and easy-to-prepare vegetarian option, then pick up a copy of Kardena Pauza's Easy Veggie Meal Plans.  Your body will thank you!


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